All Aurelium jewellery is made from solid sterling silver wire and sheet to stand the test of time. Sterling silver will tarnish naturally over time when it is exposed to materials containing sulphur and acids (such as those found in sweat and skin oils or mineral swimming pools). It is important to clean your jewellery regularly to prevent any tarnish or discolouration from occurring.

To clean your jewellery, you can use liquid jewellery cleaners and polishing cloths specifically designed for use with sterling silver. These can be purchased at most jewellery stores. Please note that jewellery that has been oxidised should not be dipped in jewellery cleaner. Instead, the non-oxidised areas should be wiped with a polishing cloth, taking care to avoid the oxidised areas.

It is always advisable to avoid wearing sterling silver jewellery in water, especially in swimming pools and spas with chlorine. Where possible, also avoid contact with shampoos, perfumes or deodorants.

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