My name is Laura Naik and I’m the designer and maker behind Aurelium. I create handcrafted
sterling silver jewellery with a focus on minimalist beauty for people who are looking for jewellery with meaning and a unique touch.

My aim is to create high-quality everyday precious pieces to make the wearer feel special. My
passion for jewellery making started in 2009 while on a working holiday in London. I enrolled in a hobby silver jewellery class and found pure joy in using my hands to create beautiful wearable items for family and friends.

I discovered then what I still know to be true now, that an item made with love and care will pass on these qualities to the wearer, giving them great happiness. I believe that handcrafted jewellery can not only be beautiful but can also create enduring memories and connections with places and loved ones and, if given as a gift, it can express the love felt by the giver. 

Knowing that my jewellery plays a part in my customers’ meaningful moments and gift-giving makes me smile every day and spurs me to continue making. I hope that you enjoy viewing my collection, if you have any questions at all, please get in touch at  info@aurelium.co.nz and I will be happy to help!

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info@aurelium.co.nz     |     Auckland 1022, New Zealand

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